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Driving leads with a fresh new look for a subscription-based service of limited-edition spirits.


Taster's Club


Major Tom


  • UI Design
  • Creative Research
  • Concepting
  • Prototyping
  • Moodboards
  • Style Guide
  • User Research
  • UI Audit



Taster’s Club needed more leads and a consistent visual identity—so they turned to us.

Taster's Club is a subscription-based service that offers members a box of limited-edition spirits each month. Designed for spirits enthusiasts, boxes are curated to include information about the select bottle, accompanied with instructional material for making suggested craft cocktails. While innovative and often found mentioned in media, Taster’s Club found themselves lacking in conversion during the non-holiday seasons of the year.

After completion of an UI and UX audit, we gave the site a refresh with an exquisite, bold look, alongside carefully curated pages for maximum conversion rates. The resulting site brings elegance to the forefront, while maintaining an easy, legible flow for users to digest.

A new approach to e-commerce

Working in conjunction with the UX lead, we delved deep into key research in user behaviours around subscription methods: what makes people convert into signing up for a renewed subscription? How do we streamline the process of buying so that users will be comfortable in clicking yes?

One of the key things noted was really highlighting the brands they have within subscriptions and emphasizing the quality of their curation. Thus, we decided to emulate the atmosphere of a high-end bar with its darker tones and shimmering gold for the right amount of elegance and high-class.

Careful considerations were made to accommadate the rotating selections of spirits, using gold as the primary call to action colour. Bullets and larger headings were used to help guide users along the page, ensuring an easy way for them to digest information.

Club details were laid out to best showcase the experience around the product. As spirits change every month, we wanted to make sure to showcase the experience of sipping a glass of whiskey as well as using high quality pictures and/or videos of pouring said spirit. Seeing the act in a pleasing, visceral manner, made it tantalizing for the user and encourages them to join. We also made sure to allow easy options for the user to note if this was a gift.

The impact

With the redesign, Taster’s Club has steadily experienced more conversion and attention. Always keeping the user in mind, the sign-up process alongside the check-out process, made things considerably easier for users and giving them a peace of mind as they buy.