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Vivian is an inquisitive service & experience designer,  as well as an empathetic explorer of all things design.


Designer / Unicorn in the making

Industrial Design, Bachelor of Design
Emily Carr University of Art + Design

UI & Communication Design, Diploma
RED Academy

Service Design, Certificate
CityStudio Vancouver


Hello hi, I’m Vivian!

I’m a Vancouver-based inquisitive Digital Product & Service designer with a background in Industrial & Graphic design, as well as an empathetic explorer of the world.

Cultivating creativity in all aspects of life has always been an important value of mine. Growing up as a first generation Canadian with Taiwanese roots, I grew up living and breathing two very different cultures; I was taught different types of etiquette, different ways of behaving, different methods of conversing and creating—I had to be creative in order to navigate the complexities of the world I lived in. 

And it was being part of these two very different cultures, that really allowed me to explore, discover and understand the world around me—by balancing and creating delightful experiences and stories, while being mindful of the unseen relationships and consequent actions.

Thus, I am concerned about the way people respond to the intangible relationships and experiences stemming from and between people, products and society. My work is often focused on critically exploring our sense of self and well-being within the context of community, through a process-based design practice focused on behaviour change; I create and craft systems and strategies to tell stories that are impactful and memorable.

Through my many internships across Canada, I have grown as a multidisciplinary designer/unicorn capable of producing both 3D and 2D works within a collaborative high-stress environment, and have since developed a passion for community-based social innovation work, web design and publication design. 

Check out my resume and LinkedIn for more information on my work experiences. As well, click the button below to learn more about my design process!

tldr; growing up as a Taiwanese-Canadian allowed me to gain a unique perspective on our world; it has helped guide me to follow my passion as a multidisciplinary designer passionate about community-based social innovation work.


  • UX/UI design + processes
  • Responsive web design
  • Visual communication through branding, typography + layout composition
  • Art direction
  • Design research + strategy
  • Co-creation + faciliation of co-creation sessions
  • Print design, editorial + publication
  • Information architecture
  • Experience mapping
  • Service + systems design
  • Compilation of process into case studies, process books and/or research journals